Getting Prepared for winter with chickens

This is the time for “Preparedness” in our line of work, first let us who raise white birds prepare them for winter by feeding them white corn instead of yellow, this is to keep them from becoming creamy and yellow, which yellow corn most certainly will do although the analysis of both white and yellow is identical, the color pigment in the yellow will add the color, to both lobes and plumage, and is particularly to be avoided if they are to be exhibited or sold. Not that it injures them in the least for utility purposes or for profitable use.


This is a good time also to “Prepare” for winter, put the fixtures needed in the early growth of the chicks up, and be sure that they are in the condition that they should be next spring when you are rushed with the care of incubators and baby chicks. There are always the small drinking vessels and hovers and heaters which were needed in the spring but which they have outgrown now, which can be packed away out of the winter storms and where they will be handy to get at when wanted.

Then there are always little things to make ship shape around the winter houses, window panes have a way of getting broken, and it is much more comfortable to stand in the shade some day and replace them, than to be obliged to stand in the sour fall rain someday. Two of our winter houses are getting new cement floors. The ones which have been used for several years, have a way of getting damp altogether too quickly, so a layer of tar paper is placed on top of the old one and another coat of cement laid, with the expectation that they will keep drier and thereby lessen the labor of cleaning and also lessen the cost of straw.

Homemade Natural Lip Moisturizer

Lip moisturizers are an essential item (for me at least), it’s quite cost effective to make up batch, and you at least will know what ingredients haven gone in to it – so why not try this recipe and make your own lip balm. Feel free to adapt the ingredients as you see fit (you might like to try coconut oil or almond oil for instance).

honeyFor this particular recipe you will need

4 tbsps. of colorless beeswax,
4 tbsps. of fragrant oil,
½ tsp. of lime oil,
and 1 tbsp. of fresh honey.

This recipe is very easy to complete and can be prepared in the microwave using a microwaveable bowl or in a pan on the hob.

You can purchase the ingredients in whole food stores or even online at somewhere like Amazon. You can even get the lip balm containers there in packs of 50 for something like $9

If you already are keeping bees in your garden then sourcing the beeswax (filtered) and honey shouldn’t be too much of a problem :-) Beeswax pellets can be quite expensive to purchase so an alternative if you do need to buy them would be to go to somewhere like wholefoods and buy a small beeswax candle and shave that down.

Begin by combining the beeswax and four tablespoons of fragrant oil into the bowl or pan you will be using and use the microwave or hob to melt the ingredients. Stir them together until they are mixed well.

Turn off the heat, and add the lime oil and fresh honey to the pan. Mix all of the ingredients until a pasty consistency is achieved. Pour the contents of the pan to a clean glass container (or several mini containers), and let the mixture cool down and set.

You will need to wait at least thirty minutes for the mixture to set completely. Once the natural lip moisturizer has set and hardened in its container, take a small amount and apply to your lips. Enjoy!




I wonder if the roses know

The beauty and the charm they yield.

Or if the daisy how it decks

The gradual grayness of the field.

I wonder if the heart that sings

Hears how the other hearts it wakes

Are happy for the joy it brings

In what it does for other’s sakes.

I wonder if the star’s aware

Of all the sweet content it spills

Upon the little lives of care

That catches its beauty on the hills.

I wonder if the violet feels

The tender and responsive gleam

Of love that in the woodland kneels

To worship at the shrines of dream.

I wonder if all the beauty shares

The knowledge of the good that grows

From out its all unconscious sweet –

The song of bird, the bloom of rose.

Or whether it is not as when

Some life that blossoms like a flower

Moves gently mid its fellow men.

More like a perfume than a power.

~by Folger McKinsey