I wonder if the roses know

The beauty and the charm they yield.

Or if the daisy how it decks

The gradual grayness of the field.

I wonder if the heart that sings

Hears how the other hearts it wakes

Are happy for the joy it brings

In what it does for other’s sakes.

I wonder if the star’s aware

Of all the sweet content it spills

Upon the little lives of care

That catches its beauty on the hills.

I wonder if the violet feels

The tender and responsive gleam

Of love that in the woodland kneels

To worship at the shrines of dream.

I wonder if all the beauty shares

The knowledge of the good that grows

From out its all unconscious sweet –

The song of bird, the bloom of rose.

Or whether it is not as when

Some life that blossoms like a flower

Moves gently mid its fellow men.

More like a perfume than a power.

~by Folger McKinsey